African Superman pills sex supplement

African Superman pills sex supplement

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African Superman Pills will have help you obtain a rock-hard erection and give you a sexual urge like never before! African Superman Pills will have you "ready to go" at any given moment and give you the desire and energy to continue to have sex after your ejaculate. Additionally African Superman Enhancement Pills will increase the size of your manhood (Both girth and width) leaving a sense of awe in your bedroom!

African Superman Pills Benefits:

African Superman Pills will help with premature ejaculation.



African Superman Pills contain the following: ginseng, lycium cattle whips, whip, pilose antler, longan, Lily, Buffalo, seal penises, etc.

Directions: Take 1 African Superman with a glass of warm water 10-15 minutes before sexual activity (Do not exceed 1 pill per day)

Warning: African Superman Pills are not for everyone! Please co not take this product if you have heart, kidney or liver disease

Do not take with prescription medicines or other recreational drugs.

Do not combine African Superman Pills with over-the-counter medicines