OEM Slimming Capsules Private Label OEM Weight Loss Pills Pastillas quema grasa

OEM Slimming Capsules Private Label OEM Weight Loss Pills Pastillas quema grasa

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
Product price :$2-$5 free shipping USA
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As the most professionaldiet pillsGMP Manufacturer, we can produce anydiet pillsproducts as per your requirements for all varieties. Ourdiet pillsproducts are the most populardiet pillsworldwide. The door to success is now open for you!

Established in 2008, GMP-certifieddiet pillsfactory convering around 1.7 Million square meters and the total assets of over 45 Million US dollars. Its factory consists of 15 sp-ecialized labs, 10 professional production lines, 118 researchers and advanced imported facilities etc.

We have been providing private label/OEM service ofdiet pillsto thousands of companies, big and small, in USA, Europe, Pacific rim countries, such as Australia, Singapore, and Japan etc. Their markets and customers have attested to the superior quality and consistent performance of our professional private label line of herbaldiet pillsproducts.

Advantages of Private Label/OEM :
1. Abundant choices----All-round forms of inner packages and outer designs;
2. Unique----The product will be SPECIFICALLY designed and produced for you;
3. Exclusive product line--- Increase the professional image of your business and your product sales and customer loyalty;
4. Low Investment, large profits---Low MOQ to start, the most favorable price for foreseeable maximize profit;
5. Full market and price control---- freelance dominator of the marketing and pricing policy upon your private brand,to safeguard and protect your investment;
6. Quality guaranteed--- The best quality can be ensured by us, one of the Top GMP Factories.

Details of Our Private Label/OEM Slimming Products:
Options: Finished products with full package, semi-finished products, raw material
Model: Capsule, Pill, Softgel
Capsule Size: 350mg, 480mg, 650mg etc.
Standard: GMP Manufacture Standard
Inner Packing: Bottle, Foil, Blister
Outer Packing: Bottle, Paperboard, Holographic Paperboard
Productivity: 1,000,000pcs/month
Production Cycle: 10 Days