zotreem plus Slimming capsules Strong Version

zotreem plus Slimming capsules Strong Version

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zotreem plus Slimming capsules china
Strong Version

Zotreem Plus Slimming capsule Strong Version 
 Its Burning fat speciality in the lower part of the body (waist, hips, legs, buttocks) and you can losing from 10 to 12 Kg in month.
The feeling of hunger controlled fast by starting from the first capsule of zotreem Plus you immediately lose your appetite. 
You also lose your ability to eat big meals.
 You will be able to lose 3-4 kg each week. You will also be able to get rid of the Stubborn fat in your Legs, Butt,Hip,Thigh and Tummy Trouble Sports and Problem Areas. Safety information -Zotreem Plus are not recommended for under 16 or people over 60 years -Zotreem Plus: should not be consumed by pregnant or breast feeding wome. -
Do not take zotreem extra if you have high blood pressure How to take zotreem Plus -For man and woman -1 capsule a day before or after breakfast -Drink more water and juice -Do not consume alcohol Main Ingredients: Coix Seed, Lotus Leaf, Radish Seed, Hawthron Fruit, Japanese Sea tanpl Specification: 1000mgX30Capsules
Suggested Use: Only 1 capsule per day destroys fat cells.
 Shelf Life: 24 months. Notice: It can't replace drugs.